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HORNADY 6mm .243 80 gr ELD-VT

HORNADY 6mm .243 80 gr ELD-VT

SKU: 24372

Bring trophies home and send varmints packing with the new ELD-VT™ bullet from Hornady. Incorporating years of ballistic research, ELD-VT™ pairs the aerodynamics of a low-drag match bullet with the light weight and high velocity of a varmint bullet. With its unmatched accuracy and explosive fragmentation, ELD-VT™ picks up trophies as fast as it drops varmints!


The Hornady ELD-VT™ bullet is here to redefine your varmint hunting and shooting pursuits, offering unmatched accuracy, rapid fragmentation, and the confidence to take on any challenge– from long-range varmint hunts to long-range competitions.